Who We Are

Established in 2014, the IANPHI Africa Network facilitates coordination, interaction, and  cooperation among African National Public Health Institutes. Under the leadership of Dr. Mwele Malecela, Director General of the National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania, the IANPHI Africa Network also provides resources to African NPHIs for funding and partnership development.

A Network to connect and enhance African NPHIs will strengthen the health and safety, not only within my country, but that of global health.


IANPHI-Africa is a regional network of the global International Association of Public Health Institutes-IANPHI. Faced with the challenges of Public Health and committed to developing regional partnerships among the African NPHIs, the IANPHI-Africa Network was established in 2013 by participating African NPHIs.

The purpose of IANPHI-Africa is to:

  • Provide a communication forum and technical assistance

  • Strengthen existing NPHIs

  • Create knowledge that will help improve Health in the African continent

  • Develop South-South peer partnerships

  • Bring together innovative methods adapted to meet the needs of each country and

  • Make the best use of available resources.

African NPHIs or bodies, are committed to the pursuit of common activities in the fields of public health, training and research, taking into account their local and national contexts and will function in a spirit that provides scientific evidence to serve public health needs on the continent, free of any ethnic, religious, or any other considerations that might detract from their principal objectives.

These activities are carried out so as to promote sustainable development based on the strengthening of local capacities and in a way that is respectful of the local environment and all ethical principles issued and reviewed by the international community, always bearing in mind the importance of research and innovation.

While most NPHIs will not be addressing the entire Core NPHI Functions comprehensively, it is expected that ideally an NPHI will be doing many of them and will have linkages to organizations in the country that address the other functions that are critical to public health. The goal for NPHIs is that all the following Core Functions are accomplished:

  1. Evaluation and analysis of health status

  2. Public health surveillance, problem investigation, and control of risks and threats to public health

  3. Prevention programs and health promotions

  4. Social participation in health

  5. Planning and management

  6. Regulation and informing policy

  7. Evaluation and promotion of coverage and access to health services

  8. Human resource development and training

  9. Quality assurance in personal and population-based health services

  10. Public health research

  11. Reduction of the impact of emergencies and disasters on health