Pasteur Institute of Morocco

Pasteur Institute of Morocco (IPM)

Tel: + 212 522 434 470
Fax: + 212 522 434 478/+212 522 260 957

1, Place Louis Pasteur
20100 Casablanca, Morocco

Naima El Mdaghri – Director

Institute Profile

With a staff of 259, the Pasteur Institute of Morocco (Institut Pasteur Du Maroc) is responsible for carrying out national research on infectious and parasitic diseases of humans, animals and plants, vaccinology, immunology, oncology, and genetics. It provides comprehensive training in microbiology and parasitology through the Center of Medical Biology. One of its core functions is to prepare and import serums, vaccines, and biological reagents.

IPM is divided into five major departments: infectious diseases; genetic diseases; immunizations; water, food, and environmental safety; and clinical biology. Last year, the institute played important roles in creating national policy for a potential Avian flu outbreak. It also took the lead in the surveillance of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and created one of the country’s largest comprehensive sexually transmitted infection studies.

The institute is currently undergoing a major restructuring due to an ongoing merger with the Institut National d’Hygiène, the Pharmacovigilance and Anti Poison Center, and other units of the Ministry of Health.