Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS)

Av Eduardo Mondlane 1008 P.O. Box 264
Maputo, Mozambique

Ilesh Jani - Director


Institute Profile

Mozambique’s National Institute of Health was established in 1991 as an institution within the Ministry of Health. The NIH generates technical-scientific information in the area of health so that decisions in the health sector can be based on evidence. Major functions include:

• Laboratory science
• Research
• Disease surveillance
• Surveys
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Outbreak investigation
• Training

The 104 employees of the National Institute of Health, headed by Dr. Ilesh Jani, are working to fulfill their mission to participate in the improvement of the well-being of the people of Mozambique and aims to be the national reference point in the generation and promotion of technical and scientific solutions to the country’s health issues.

Dr. Jani and his team at the ministry completed a strategic plan for a new institute in collaboration with FIOCRUZ, IANPHI’s member institute in Brazil. This plan was then further developed by IANPHI and partner HDR CUH2a’s Design 4 Others. Design 4 Others also assisted with organizational planning and developed initial design plans for a new facility. Once completed, the ministry will begin implementing the action items needed to establish the new institute. Those include training needs and human resource and infrastructure development. With assistance from IANPHI along with a strong partnership with Design 4 Others and $9 million in budgeted PEPFAR funding, Mozambique’s NIH will soon have the resources and training to make a positive impact on the nation’s health.