The 2017 IANPHI-Africa Meeting Photos are Here!

Recap the IANPHI-Africa Meeting Through Photos.

Resources for NPHIs

IANPHI-Africa provides resources to African National Public Health Institutes.

Who We Are

The IANPHI Africa Network facilitates coordination, interaction, and cooperation among African National Public Health Institutes.

More About IANPHI-Africa

The African network of NPHIs is uniquely positioned to provide peer support and knowledge sharing to new and existing institutes across the continent. The annual IANPHI-Africa meeting provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and share experiences and to strengthen this valued network of African NPHIs. 


The IANPHI Africa Network is comprised of more than thirty member institutes from across the continent of Africa.

About Our Members

IANPHI-Africa is a unique network of leading edge public health institutes in Africa. Learn more about IANPHI-Africa members here>>


IANPHI Africa is committed to providing resources to African National Public Health Institutes.

About Our Members

IANPHI-Africa resources include leadership trainings, latest research, and case studies. Read more here>>

2016 IANPHI-Africa Presentation

“The visibility of African public health leaders has never been higher.”
- Dr. Mwele Malecela

Three years ago in a coffee farm in Tanzania the IANPHI-African network was formed. In a room filled with the world's top global health leaders, Dr. Mwele reflects on this association of African NPHIs that have grown stronger from strength to strength.